Yeol Kim

“Beautiful Encounters, 
                        and Happy Together” 
- To Raise the Awareness for Palliative Care 
Hosting ‘2010 Palliative Care Campaign Week’, in korea 
On the occasion of the World Hospice Palliative Care Day on the 9th of October, ‘2010 Palliative Care Campaign Week’ was planned by National Cancer Center and the Ministry of Health and Welfare in order to raise the awareness of the palliative care and its necessity to the Korean citizens, with various events and academic seminars on palliative care. 
With 36 organizations such as Korean Society for Hospice and Palliative Care, Korea Hospice Association, Korea Catholic Hospice Association, Korea Patient Group Association, Regional Cancer Centers and Palliative Care Units participating in  ‘2010 Palliative Care Campaign Week’’, the event will be held from the 7th to the 15th of October for each region. 
At 3PM on November 9th, ‘Palliative Care Awareness Campaign’ in particular was held for the general public in Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul. With the theme of “Family love”, the events such as writing letters about family love, sending the video recording letters on family love and flying hope balloons took place, reminding the participants of the meaning of love of a family, along with palliative care photo exhibits, PR booths and celebration performances to raise awareness for the palliative care. 
Prior to the event, the contests to find slogans and photos fit for raising the awareness of the role of palliative care and its functions were held and for the slogan department, “Beautiful encounters and happy together” won the grand prize.   
The survey conducted on the citizens who have participated in the event showed that in response to the question, “Have you had previous knowledge about palliative care?” 35% of the citizens responded, “I had no previous knowledge of the palliative care’. However after the ‘Palliative Care Awareness Campaign’ of 2010, for the question asking whether they have renewed their understanding of the palliative care, 61% of the citizens answered in affirmative. For the following question, ‘Do you think that the palliative care is essential for the terminally-ill cancer patients and their family?’, 85% of the citizens who participated in the survey responded in affirmative. As for the question, ‘Would you recommend the palliative care for the terminally-ill patients in your neighborhood?, 88% of people have responded to the question in affirmative. 
After ‘Palliative Care Awareness Campaign’ of 2010, the consistent efforts to inform that the palliative care is not in preparation for the impending death but for the active treatment method never forsaking for the meaning of life will continue. 
  • Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Written by: Yeol Kim
  • Monday, 15 November 2010

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