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Thank you for being You.  I’m Tara Markus, Founder of UBU Gift Sensations  - a company born out of love and because of my living experience in Palliative Care with my mother. Personally and professionally I am dedicated in supporting palliative care in my local community and in society worldwide.   
I am proud to raise funds and awareness for palliative care and invite others to join me. 

Life is a storybook.  We all have a special role to play.   Let’s Celebrate Who we are and All that we are.  “Gifting for Life” is our motto – “Wear the Fashion – FEEL the Sensations!” is what we do .  By marrying fashionable giving  with beautiful talk of the town jewelry and  style accessories @ UBU Online Boutique a portion of each sale can be donated to your Palliative Care Fundraiser. Contact information below.   

My UBU Story... 

I named the company, UBU Gift Sensations (YOU be YOU) in memory of my mother.  My mother and I were blessed with the opportunity to have many mother and daughter heart to hearts. . Together we  shared  a treasure chest  of life stories and memories. We lived a l happy life  full of energy, emotion, harmony, challenge and love. Together we imagined and dreamed, fought battles, won and lost debates, moved forward and sideways in life , and made  room for change. Together we looked  toward a promising future, and added chapters to our storybook, year after year.  We  globe trotted, lost and found our way.  We navigated and problem solved , we stumbled and skipped along life’s paths.  Some adventures were better and more memorable than others – all were worthwhile life events. We experienced and we learned.  We laughed, cried, endured , grew independent and dependant – most of all , we loved and we lived ! 
There was also a lot of ‘inbetween’ – meaning we often lived life in-between knowing and not knowing , denial and confrontation,  victory and acceptance – we never contemplated defeat .  Defeat my mother would say, belonged to those who did not believe in the strength of the human spirit.  For as long as their was  love, will , determination and the gift of giving to one another – there was no such thing as defeat.  My mother faced many medical challenges over the years – the ‘in=between’ was not easy. 
 The ‘in-between’ stages  absolutely,  presented obstacles and hurdles that were often difficult to get over.  There were  911 calls, times of lengthy hospital stays, operations,  in-depth discussions with doctors,  lots of decision  making  and re-shaping of  agendas and lives.  There was a lot of in-between but somehow my mother always  rallied and  with the help of the medical system , some incredible people along the way, a whole lot of  ‘muster’ and I’d have to say some sheer determination and unconditional love we not only managed but we ‘lived’. 

In the 1980’s we traveled back and forth to Europe  - Paris and Monte Carlo mostly.  In the 1990’s we found ourselves spending much time in Barbados.  This was home, my mothers home from birth until marriage when she relocated to Montreal.  It was in Barbados  that I learned the true essence of  living, loving and believing.   It is in Barbados that I found soul. 
In the early 2000’s  my mother’s health started to really and truly  dwindle.  Something was different – very different.  Something was wrong – very wrong.  I saw it in her eyes, I heard it in her voice, there was something odd about her stride.  It was an ‘in-between” stage like no other.  In October 2004, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I left my career.  Together, we remained at home , our family home – my  husband , my son, mom and I ( We had lived together for a dozen years and separation was beyond imagination) until July 2005 at which time  we entered the Palliative Care Unit at The Credit Valley Hospital.   Here is where mom and I slept, ate, lived and enjoyed new relationships and developed new understandings.  Here is where ‘in-between’ changed meaning and relationships were  more clearly defined. 
Together, in October 2005, we found the strength and courage to appreciate that the time had come for us to walk down different paths. We accepted it was time for us to journey forward.….AND together late one night we held hands and cried. Then, we held each other, closer than ever before…so close it seemed, that our hearts beat as one.  Like a child (though in my forties) cradled in my mothers arms I looked to her for answers, for truth, for comfort and for hope…and like a child filled with anxiety and uncertainty , I asked my mother – “What will I do ?? How will I journey forward, how will I be whole ?” And with great calmness and such a sense of certainty, my mother  leaned in even closer, she dried my tears and she smiled.  There was a pause…  all at once it seemed the Universe stood still, - quietly she looked ‘into’ me  (like only a mother can do) and said
, YOU be YOU!  That is your Gift!  Feel the Sensations! Go out into the world and be who you are !  Embrace Life! Live Life! Choose to be happy. Choose to Love ! Connect with one another. Enjoy the gift of Living and Giving. 
IN October 2005 my mother let go of my hand and spread her wings.
 And …UBU Gift Sensations was born ! 

“Gifting for Life “ is UBU’s motto.  I believe the ultimate reason for giving a gift is an expression of kindness and appreciation, sentiments that compliment the tradition of celebrating life events.   Giving, sharing, communicating – enriches all of our lives in every way.  “Gifting for life” is a motto we can all value.   

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Email:  contactus@ubugiftsensations.com

  • Mississauga, Canada
  • Written by: Tara Markus
  • Friday, 22 May 2009

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