Sr. Jeremia Mrowiec

We miss you Dan. 
I met first time Dan in April 2010 during home visits in Linda. He was not able to stand and to walk, he could only move using his both hands to support his body, like crawling. He was joyful and only complaining that he couldn’t afford to buy medicine prescribed him at UTH Hospital. He was one of our patients with Kaposi’s Sarcoma. In September 2010 he was admitted in the hospice, his leg was swollen with sores. He was not able to put on his trousers and was wearing the skirt. Despite his suffering, he was always joyful, appreciative for anything that was done for him. His physical pain was controlled by receiving morphine syrup. He experienced further another pain when his own family abandoned him, though they were at his side in the first days. Later they left him alone and stopped coming to visit him. Dan asked for the catechism lessons and expressed his desire to be baptized in Catholic Church. His desire was fulfilled and in December we celebrated at the hospice his Baptism and later on his First Holy Communion. He was so grateful and praising God for all graces he received. On Christmas Day he was able even to dance as with the treatment his condition improved and even could stand and walk using the walker. He had great hope and was making plans for future life. Our counselor visited his family and managed to bring his wife back at his bedside. When his wife came his condition suddenly was changed and in a few days on 1st January 2011 Dan left us going to the Lord’s house. Dan, we really miss you, you brought so much joy and encouragement to other patients that everybody felt comfortable in your presence. You were a shining example to others how to cope with suffering and how to appreciate life and other people’s services. Though the end of the story is sad, this story shows the hospice palliative care services at the end of life. Dan’s last days were full of joy, peace and happiness. We thank you Dan for your presence among us and for your continuous smile and joy. We believe as Christians that though you lost life you gained another life, everlasting happiness.

  • Chilanga, Zambia
  • Written by: Sr. Jeremia Mrowiec
  • Wednesday, 05 October 2011

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