Santhwana Sangamatheeram with patients under the care of Pallium India's

wheelchairs or to beds and their families and our wellwishers and supporters, met together on 13th October 2012 at DTPC Park at Shanghumugham Beach. The location was their choice “ many said they had not seen the sea in many many years, and one young lady said, she wanted to feel the sea on her feet just once more. Magician Nath performed for them. Mr. Saju Lal entertained them with mimicry and it was followed by a music concert. And finally, off we went to the beach to enjoy the sea at our feet and the wind on our face! There are a few among us for whom this is not an everyday affair, but a dream. The National Rural Health Mission and District Panchayath and many volunteers joined hands with Pallium India to make it all happen.

  • India
  • Thursday, 25 October 2012

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