A lady 40yrs with Carcinoma Breast, who had total mastectomy done, underwent chemotherapy. Just with in two months she realized her malignancy her recurred!!! Pain!! Some rod is being drilled in to my left hand  Help me!! Help me!! Was her cry!! 

           She had a year ago married her two daughters, who don’t even come to see her. She had worked as a maid,  at present,  not able to go for work. Next tragedy, 10 days earlier her husband, who works as a watchman fell down had a spinal injury – bed ridden, He is paralyzed now.  He has been sent to a destitute home. Her cry, reached a lady volunteer  from a “Women self help group” who anxiously  knocked the house of a Volunteer who is a spiritual counselor( Palliative Care)at 9.30 P.M,.  The volunteer,  brought her to me. I, Dr. Republica Sridhar, a Palliative Care Physician, I am glad she is in my hospice called “Karunasagar” at Chennai. She has found a second home, Medical care, pain control and a complete team to take care. “Today she has a dignity and Quality of life”. As a Doctor I am glad to extend my hand to help her pain, and give her a shelter.   

  • Chennai, India
  • Written by: Murgammal
  • Thursday, 06 August 2009

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