Malu Bozzani


I am a doctor of Brasil, but before everything I am somebody that always had an integral vision of the human being. 

The Medicine allows in them to help very, but Palliative in them they bring a new hope, of being able really to exert what we wanted when we were students: to help! 

Here in the State of São Paulo, in the Vale do Paraíba, I make lectures in the cities of São José dos Campos, Taubaté, Jacareí and Caçapava.It begins as a lesson to speak on the subject, and finished in a cycle of lectures that I come upon request making. 

I am happy because the subject was not known for many (I in general say for professionals of the health and public that it is interested, that they finish being voluntary in hospitals). 

Each time has more interested parties, and I am radiating with this! In the spreading I write thus: we will to discover what each one of us, independently of the profession, can make to help to brighten up the pain and the suffering of the patients and the relatives who face a serious illness. 

I found that this my small text obtains to show the essence of the Palliative ones, and is this essence, this nobleman meant my main focus in my spreading: the sensitization of the people. 

I have one year I was surprised at a cardiac problem, now that I go to come back to work. But two days before my return I marked a meeting with the people who know already me, therefore I want to mount this group here, for better spreading. Not yet I know right as to make, but it has much people pledged and livened up here! 

A fort I hug! 

Maria Lucia Bozzani ("Malu") 

Brasil, São José dos Campos

  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Written by: Malu Bozzani
  • Thursday, 06 August 2009

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