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In October 2007 the Hungarian Hospice Foundation launched the Fields of 
Hope programme with the intention to shape public opinion. Through the 
symbol of the blooming yellow daffodil flowers we wish to convey the 
essence of the new programme, namely to direct attention towards the 
suffering, and the fact that human dignity can and must be maintained unto 
the very end of one’s life. 
In accordance with international practice we have involved schools and 
kindergartens with the aim to provide conscious education that promotes 
solidarity with the suffering, and attempts to transform attitudes towards 
illness and loss. 
Cultural events and pedagogical programs organised in schools strengthen 
social participation. Similarly, our celebrations fitted to the planting of 
daffodils - a symbol of hope - in autumn as well as their blooming in 
spring are intended to call on the public to draw wide-spread attention to 
the importance of preserving dignity. Our program increases the chance that 
our children grow up to live a psychologically healthy life and consider 
active solidarity with those in need of help one of the fundamental values 
of democracy. 
Last year hospice and pedagogical professionals developed training program 
for teachers that was later accredited by the Hungarian Ministry of 
Education. This 30-hour-course helps participants to develop social skills 
based on the hospice philosophy. 
There are already 21 towns in Hungary where daffodils have already been 
planted for symbolizing human dignity. 
Hundreds of children, their family and teachers participate in the program in the schoolyear of 2010/11. 

2011 is the European Year of Volunteering. The ’Fields of Hope’ program of the Hungarian Hospice Foundation had been choosen as a national program for active citizenship. 
We consider our participation an honour in the European Year of Volunteering. 

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Written by: Hungarian Hospice Foundation
  • Thursday, 09 December 2010

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