Hospice "Villa Speranza"

I am writing you this letter, to ask you kindly, to share it with all the members of your staff. 

As of today, it has been 30 days since my father passed away and finally today I have the strength to write you this letter, even if it causes me to suffer. It seems necessary and if I didn’t write I would never forgive myself. 

A few days after my father died, I started thinking about the right words to write you but every time, they seemed to me to be insufficient and not explicit. Today I made a decision and hope you appreciate these words. 

My father’s illness began three years ago and I never left him alone. I was always with him, taking him to doctors and  trying to protect him from everything but I didn’t know from what. When the doctors told me the disease was incurable, the only thing I asked was how he could have a life of dignity during his illness.I also went abroad with his  analysis but everyone gave me the same terrible  diagnosis. 

In September 2008, he became very ill and I was told that I should  anticipate home care and I felt lost.  Who wouldn’t have been worred about this kind of thing. Not me! 
But my guardian angel protected me and helped me and made it possible for the primary physician to advise me about home care. The doctor said go to the hospice. He was right, and we were lost and afraid  but we trusted him. 

It was the first correct decision in all this situation and my thanks to him will never be enough,  besides he is a great doctor and great person. 
Our first conversation in your hospice took place after only 3 days from our request. Our journey with you and your hospice began. A long journey that lasted seven months. 

For seven months,  you made us feel protected, never alone, always included. Seven months in which  you had the patience to answer our questions, to support our worries and to hold us when we didn’t have enough strength and when fear took over our house. 

My father was not an easy patient, having directed hospitals all his life, he disliked doctors unless it was work-related. He needed to be managed. He did things, expressing his physical condition much more mildly than it really was. Perhaps many days after the first symptom, we were playing hide – and seek but you never demonstrated your loss of patience. 

I cannot forget the crises of panic and the poor doctor who was called three times. The patience and kindness of your hospice that papa loved so much, at home we called them “our friends”. 
Your patience with me when I no longer wanted to keep him at home because he coughed blood and I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to manage him. And then the nurses gave their endless patience everyday. 

All of us thank you so much for making it possible for my father to spend a few days during Easter, in the country, with his brothers as he had so wanted and until the last day he was a very sick man but still maintained his dignity. 
You fulfilled my wish and made it possible for a daughter to enjoy herself with her father until the last day without restrictions. 
You made it so that a daughter did not see her father consumed with pain. You made it possible for me to sit on his knee three days before his departure. 

Incredible but true, you are a service of the Italian National Health System! You are first humans as well as professionals, you really are. 

I must thank the psychologist because she understood that my father didn’t think psychologists were doctors but she supported me. 

The thing that struck me was that not only was the home care staff so capable but also the hospice staff. Every Saturday morning I took boxes of every thing necessary for the week and when I entered, I always saw your smile. 

You were always professional and understanding with us. I didn’t believe it would ever be possible to compensate you for all that you did for us and for me, for allowing a daughter to be able to look back without having regrets. 

If you ever think I could be useful please let me know. I thank you and all your staff and wish good work to my “Guardian Angels”. 

Agnese B. A. 

  • Italy
  • Written by: Hospice "Villa Speranza"
  • Wednesday, 06 October 2010

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