Cesta dom Home hospice

In 2012 Cesta domu had joined the World Day celebrations for the ninth time. We have organised a traditional concert, this time a double one: The club La Fabrika was filled by the Word music of BraAgas and the Spanish Gypsy traditionals of Bachtale Apsa with Mário Bihári. It was wanderfull.The nurses and doctors danced alongside sponsors, volunteers and our bereaved. Students and the elderly, actors, diplomats, priests and children all together. The music was full of life, love and grief, it was about people living their lives that are sometimes difficult and sometimes beautiful. Our two new publications (a calendar and an audiobook) have been presented through a little amateur theatricals during the break. We were all refreshed by a delicious buffet prepared by the employees and volunteers of Cesta domů.We thank all those who made this evening possible. They helped make the life better for the dying.

  • Czech republic
  • Monday, 29 October 2012

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