pedagodia del morir

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Wednesday, 03 October 2018

From the "Associació per a l'Acompanyament at the End of Life" we unite to the celebration of the World Day of Hospices and Palliative Care that proposes the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA) with the 2018 motto "Palliative Care - Because I Matter". The intention is to publicize the need of social information about the many aspects surrounding the subject of dying, questions, fears, and anxieties, knowing that there are key tools that can help dealing with all these emotions with a good preventive education. for this reason we have organized the day "pedagogy of dying", which aims to present some of the elements that influence the cultural and social uprooting in the area of death and everything that surrounds it. on this day we propose to analyze the media, such as television, the press, radio and social media as elements os the dissemination of "models of death", conveying to us ideals or norms on how to feel about dying:people becoming anesthetized by distant and distressed deaths or people turning onto the rational side when facing people near them dying. the influence of the entertainment media will also be discussed focusing on cinema as an educational tool in the field of health, as they present situations that can happen in the everyday life of any person and have an impact on the social seen helping to create bridges to be able to live with quality the final process of life. . “Hospice care isn’t about death, it’s about life. It’s about celebration of life, about figuring out how to live as fully and completely as you possibly can.” Sean Cunningham,film producer and film director And finally we will talk about the real situation iin Catalonia: the lack of specialized services in the accompaniment of the final process of life in all areas, especially the community. Hospice centers , due to their distinctive characteristics before the final process of life, would solve many of these situations: - First, the lack of knowledge of the people of the community about the existence of these services at the end of life: hospice homes and others. -Second, indecision, embarrassment and fright when emphasis is placed on the personal responsibility of each of us to demand the right to decide our final process of life and those services most appropriate for each person. -And, of course, the surprise and astonishment of people when they hear that hospice care opens up a world of life in people when other institutions predict that there is "nothing to do" It is recommended to attend the day to: ✓ Any person interested in knowing more about hospice care and people that believe there is another way of living the final process of people's lives. ✓ People from the community who are interested in the topic or who have the need to expand information and have counseling for the end of life support.   ✓ Professionals who work with people who, for whatever reason or cause, are at the end of their lives: nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists, among many others.   ✓ Institutions and associations that want information on the functions of existing spaces in other countries where an integral accompaniment service is given to people who are in a final process of life.


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