Voices for Hospices 2015

Event Date

Monday, 05 October 2015

The Shepherd’s Hospice in Sierra Leone provides palliative care for patients with life-threatening illnesses. It further works with policy makers to integrate palliative care into the public health system in order to increase the availability of pain medications including opioids. Against the background of a recent Ebola virus Epidemic and now a crisis that has displaced over 14000 citizens from their homes due to flood, the hospice will celebrate this years’ world Hospice and palliative care day with a difference. The event will observe little fundraising but massive campaign of awareness about the patients that are hidden and often die unnoticed. The world knows them as mere numbers that die; doing so in stigma, isolation and severe pain. Hence, the event will use the community outreach approach; Hospice staff and volunteers visiting communities on defaulter tracing, workplace advocacy on patient rights, meetings with patient families to promote solidarity around the patient and mass media discussion on palliative care and opioid availability. The event will be coordinated from the Hospice center in Lower Allentown, where donation boxes will be placed in the clinic and letters of appeal sent to community members. All the above activities will be conducted wearing the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day T-shirts and banners displaying logo for Voices for Hospices. The event starts on the 5thOctober with volunteer training workshop and progresses through the two weeks with patient care and advocacy at the Hospice center and in the community. Thus, we will give voices to invisible patients and their loved ones through their involvement in the campaign.


  • Country: Sierra Leone
  • City: Freetown


  • Organiser: Community Palliative Care Team
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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