The Gift of Relationships - Voices for Hospices 2015

The Gift of Relationships - Voices for Hospices 2015

Event Date

Friday, 16 October 2015

Hospis Malaysia celebrates its biennial “Voices for Hospices 2015" gala dinner themed 'The Gift of Relationships'. This event is in tandem with ‘Voices for Hospices’, a biennial unified day of action aimed to provide support and to celebrate hospices and palliative care around the world. Guests are invited to join Hospis Malaysia to celebrate this important event and to support Hospis Malaysia in our efforts to achieve our vision of ensuring that policy makers in Malaysia enact legislation to set minimum standards of palliative care service provision and to take on the responsibility of ensuring quality palliative care is accessible and made available to all those in need. (Very much in line with the goals and objectives of the worldwide theme: Hidden Patient, Hidden Lives) Developing healthy relationships is a key component of wellbeing that can contribute to one’s quality of life. For that reason, the moments spent with loved ones while receiving palliative care are very precious. The theme “The Gift of Relationships” echoes the sentiments of the palliative care symbol (A symbol developed by Hospis Malaysia to advocate palliative care using a unified, recognisable face) - whose core concept embraces the significance of relationships and serves to remind us that every person suffering a life-limiting illness should not have to go through that journey alone. Your presence and contribution will go a long way to raise the much needed awareness and understanding of palliative care and the need to develop this area of medical sub-speciality. The money raised through this event will also help ensure that there is a steady stream of funds to support Hospis Malaysia in the work we do.


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  • Organiser: Hospis Malaysia
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