Palliative Care Conference

Palliative Care Conference

Event Date

Saturday, 09 October 2021

At a time when COVID19 unleashed terror across the Globe not only taking a heavy toll of lives but its quality also due to increased mental distress. Palliative Care Trainings came to stand still due to lockdowns and in such a scenario National Association of Palliative Care for AYUSH & Integrative Medicine was incorporated on May 21st 2020, getting all mandatory accreditations as a charity including ISO 9001. Under the aegis of International Institute of Distance Learning, Foundation Course in Palliative Care was launched enrolling 72 students followed by 121 Students for 6 Months Fellowship in Palliative Care in affiliation with SGRD University of Health Sciences and endorsed by Fight Cancer Global USA and IAHPC USA. Within a year 25 Chapters were formed having 112 Life & 4 Institutional Members. 28 students joined 6 Months Palliative Nursing Aides offline course. We decided to support IAHPC through Institutional Membership strengthening Global Advocacy, Awareness & Education in Palliative Care. As you know, Palliative Care if integrated early improves the prognosis of Patients besides supporting the caregivers and as such NAPCAIM aims to reach all the corners of the Country through network of Members and Students improving the quality of life of people in distress. We are organising a Conference on the occasion of "World Hospice and Palliative Care Day" on 9th of October 2021, brochure of which is attached. We shall also announce the commencement of 1 Year PG Diploma in Palliative Care on the occasion in affiliation with SGRD University of Health Sciences coordinated by Dr. Harjot Singh




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