My Bucket List Project

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Saturday, 09 October 2021

The 2nd Saturday of every October is celebrated as World Hospice and Palliative Care Day all across the globe. Palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness. It is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family. When talking about life threatening illnesses and situations, we are often compelled to reflect what we hold dearest and care most about in our own life. See the northern lights , go bungee jumping, or spend more time with mom? Simply put, a “bucket list” is a collection of goals, dreams and aspirations that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime It is a personal journey between you and your aspirations. The things that make you wake up each morning with a fire in your belly. As long as it has meaning to you, it should be on your list because even the smallest achievements can give us a sense of great accomplishment. So today, as we celebrate World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, I urge all of you to introspect, and write any 3 things that you would like to accomplish and send your entries to HR. These will be compiled and shared on a common “Bucket List Board”! Let this be a journey of focusing on all the important things in life. Quoting a dialogue from a movie of the same name, “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching! “


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