MACSA Palliative and Supportive Care Summit

Event Date

Saturday, 09 October 2021

MACSA as the primary provider of palliative and supportive care in Iran, holds the responsibility of palliative care policymaking and nationwide development of the services. during the past 2 years, special emphasis has been devoted to improvement of nationwide access to the palliative and supportive services and MACSA has planned to extend its centers from 2 cities where the program has initiated (Isfahan and Tehran) to 14 other provinces where highest incidence of cancer is evident, by now successfully 4 have established in Mashhad, Kerman, Qom and Kashan. Iranian top health policymakers joined in a meeting hosted by MACSA to discuss the targets ahead of the development of palliative care, share the former efforts and their outcomes and plan for the further steps to elevate efficient nationwide access to palliative care services, to leave no one behind.


  • Country: Iran
  • City: Tehran


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