Dia Mundial dos Cuidados Paliativos

Dia Mundial dos Cuidados Paliativos

Event Date

Saturday, 09 October 2021

To have the gratitude of being a nurse in Palliative Care and being following multiple paths of life. A recognition to our peers who have shown a burning resilience in the face of the immense difficulties in overcoming the new paradigm of care. Grateful to the various students who have been there and there in their skills development and who, in addition to the stories they have left, they have been impregnated with the need for Palliative Care. Our tribute to those who have been with us in their last days and hours of life, lives, and who have brought us a deep knowledge of human existence told in the first person. To the families, ours, to others who participate in the various moments when emotions are here and will be forever and ever. So too to the memories and legacies that are leaving us to share, with many of us, who will be part of us and that help us build the meanings.


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