World hospice & palliative care day in Greece

The Hellenic Society of Pain Management and Palliative Care (PARH.SY.A.) joins the celebration with a series of actions, such as:

·         In joint forces with WIP ( World Institute of Pain)we organised the International Symposium “Algos 2013”. More than 350 delegates attended the event, which took place in Kos island, the birthplace of Hippocrates, on September 26-29, 2013. Twenty  foreign speakers of worldwide recognition shared their clinical and research experience, together with several well reputed greek health care professionals specialising in the fields of Pain Management and Palliative Care. The main topics evolved around pain and other symptoms  management, the introduction of new opioids, now available in our country, Palliative Care and the need to introduce it as a multimodal model approach not only for cancer patients, but for all those who suffer from incurable diseases, irrespective of their sex, age and socioeconomic status.

More specifically, Professor S. Bosnjak focused on the implementation of Palliative Care from the moment of diagnosis and as an early intervention, whether it concerns oncology or non- oncology patients.

Professor F. Fox defined the role of nurses in managing pain and the training necessary for this, while several speakers lectured on the optimal use of opioids and the relevant availability issues in our country.

·         A special poster about World Day was circulated

·         Our campaign to collect signatures of support was reinforced

·         TV and radio spots are being broadcasted on the national channels and social media

·         Press reports to the greek media have been released

·         Our specially designed and hand crafted jewelery is available


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