Holding a press conference in the exhibition center "Bastion"

Holding a press conference during the exhibition of works Rusya Aseeva "Life of children with cancer: a view through the lens", together with local government, heads of medical institutions, and invited guests in the Exhibition Center "Bastion"

The exhibition will be organized in the within the campaign "StopBil" Charitable Foundation "Mother Teresa", supported by International "Renaissance."

Photos Russia Aseeva are made in the the children oncology department of the National Institute of Cancer, will be presented at the exhibition.

These photos - daily routine young patients and their parents, and doctors.

The author shows that, despite the fact that oncology has become part of their lives, it is possible and must be addressed. Because the disease is curable. However, at this time in Ukraine is recovering from cancer only every other cancer patients. Therefore, the purpose of this exhibition - not just talk about the problem of child oncology, and encourage viewers to help these children.




  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Ivano-Frankivsk

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