COVID-19 Resources

WHPCA partner resource referrals for COVID-19 response

WHPCA recommends that members and all those caring for people with palliative care needs read and adhere to WHO guidelines to control the spread of coronavirus. A repository of additional resources is available below, and will be updated regularly.

Social media hashtags to watch

Confirmed cases by country

Palliative care as a humanitarian response in emergency situations

Access to medicines

Virtual community spaces for sharing concerns, experiences and lessons

Time to talk

A virtual hub for people experiencing serious illness and the palliative care community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekly zoom calls launching: Friday, March 27th 2020, 1300-1400 UK time.

WHPCA webinar on Coronavirus and people with serious conditions and underlying health issues

Questions asked in the webinar can be accessed here. You can also continue to ask questions, and suggest answers, in this open access Google doc:

Communicating with people affected by Covid-19 and their families


National Guidelines

To share emergent national guidelines from your country, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

COVID-19 Response planning

Guidance for hospice and palliative care providers

Bereavement support

COVID-19 prevention and control resources

Mental health and psychosocial support resources

Prevention guidelines for institutions

Guidelines for symptom management

 Guidelines for symptom management in children

 Stigma prevention

Research resources 

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