Increasing demand for palliative care as part of UHC in South Africa and Ethiopia


Being HIV positive, Robert has been receiving hospice care services for over two years in the Northern Cape South Africa. For patients like Robert, Universal Health Coverage includes access to affordable palliative care services in the comfort of his home, without worry around transportation costs, waiting times or wondering whether he has the strength to make the journey to receive care.


Latest news

In the first year of our project, in partnership with people with direct experience of palliative care, we have made shareable media targeted at the public and at national governments, sensitised community leaders to hospice and palliative care, and held training events to build links with national journalists and encourage coverage of palliative care in the media.

Read the Project Annual Report for 2018

The project is currently in its second year of implementation.

About the project

We aim to increase the voice of direct stakeholders (people living with conditions that require palliative care now or may in the future) in South Africa and Ethiopia and share learning throughout Anglophone Africa. 

Previous research has identified a low demand for palliative care, and lack of political will as two main barriers to accessing palliative care. This project will address these two issues and should provide lessons for others to use worldwide.

We will engage direct stakeholders to tell their story and speak out about the issues that matter most to them. The project is a model collaboration between international, regional, national and community-level groups, as well as individual patients and carers.

We will share the stories to specific target audiences using social media, as well as through regional and national news media, organisational communications channels, community meetings, and direct advocacy with national governments.

Project media

Please see the links below for media produced though the project.

South Africa

Training materials

Palliative Care Fact Sheet for Media in South Africa

Media publications



Petra Burger - Radio interview, SABC Channel Africa

Jacqui Kaye, CEO, Hospice Wits - Radio interview, Metro FM

Print/ online

5 stars for Living Hope - The Echo

Social media graphics

Palliative care patients and caregivers

Petra Burger


Training materials

Palliative Care Fact Sheet for Media in Ethiopia.


Kalkidan asks her government to make palliative care available for all

Interview with direct stakeholder Kalkidan on the Ethiopian Broadcasting Station.

Project partners

The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA), The African Palliative Care Association (APCA), the Hospice Palliative Care Association (HPCA) of South Africa and Hospice Ethiopia.

This important project is made possible by the kind support of The Joffe Charitable Trust. 


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