Celebrating the World Hospice Day in Egypt

Celebrating the World Hospice Day in Egypt

Event Date

Sunday, 09 October 2016

Josaab foundation is a pioneer nongovernmental organization serving terminally-ill patients in Egypt. Josaab mission is preserving the dignity and improving the quality of life of terminally-ill patients and their families. Josaab is supporting patients through mobile and stationary hospice services that are completely free of charge, regardless of the patient's socio-economic class. Josaab networked with Ramses Hilton Hotel to organize a gathering to celebrate World Hospice Day with terminally-ill patients and their families. Josaab invited terminally-ill patients and some of their family members, medical doctors, pain management doctors, volunteers, caregivers, social workers and donors. The agenda of the day includes: A speech from the guest of honor, an orientation about Josaab hospice services, an open discussion and testimonials from patients and volunteers.


  • Country: Egypt
  • City: Cairo


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